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Additional Files

--Files provided by CMB and AvL--

Link to download an ASCII text river map of DARKLANDS Germany, put together by CMB.

Link to download a file of lists of things in DARKLANDS Germany that aren't listed in the manual, including the blurbs on saints, alchemical formulae, weapons, complete place-names, quest items, enemies' list. A bunch of related stuff drawn up by CMB.

Download the code-sheet of DARKLANDS (PDF-Format). People who bought DARKLANDS on a CD-Collection weren't provided with the copyprotection- codes, which are neccessary to play the game. We first decided not to put these out, 'cos we were afraid of a copyright-argument with MICROPROSE. However, since MICROPROSE doesn't appear to serve people's requests on a code-sheet, we provide it here. Please, do not use this sheet for pirating the game, otherwise we remove the file again !

Available from Matt Wirkkala's Darklands Stuff Page

Mirror Germany (textprocessed), available in PDF format.
Mirror Australia

Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print and view PDF-files on DOS, Win and MAC. For UNIX, PDF-files are printable with Ghostscript v3.51 and above. For viewing them online, you can convert them to PostScript with GhostScript and view them with GhostView or use a tool for X11 called XPDF. (Adobe has just made beta-versions for some UNIX-flavors available. Check their FTP-Site).

As files completing the knowledge base of Darklands are added to the list, they will be listed here with their URL. We requet that anyone producing a file for addition to this list send a copy to each of the authors listed above for approval to this list.

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