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Darklands FAQ
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  • CMB: C. Michel Boucher
  • FF: Fred Farzanegan
  • DA: Dennis Ahr
  • AvL: Alexander von Lünen
  • MEB: Marilyn E. Burford
  • GRL: Garrett R. Le-Page
  • Darklands Ad, 1991

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    Purpose Statement:

    The purpose of establishing the "Darklands Domain"(DARKLANDS.NET) is to provide a single, reliable, "easy to use and remember" URL where players of the game DARKLANDS, by Microprose(DL), may come to find useful information collected from a variety of sources. The DARKLANDS FAQ (DLFAQ) sites are the central feature. They are by far the most extensive collection of this kind of information available on the Internet. Another *very* important featured item is our Darklands Discussion Email List. These, together with the downloadable files and links on this site are your best bet for getting the most out of your adventures throughout the Holy Roman Empire of Darklands! Enjoy.