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Files and Downloads


elcome fair and hearty traveller! Come, step in to the Alchemists' Shoppe
where there are many and wonderous things to buy and trade,
foreto aide you in your journeys in these troubled times.


Download the "Altered Alchemy Images" archive, by Quadko, here.

Files contained within the "AlteredAlchemyImages" archive:

  • COPY10.PIC
  • COPY11.PIC
  • COPY12.PIC
  • COPY13.PIC
  • COPY14.PIC
  • COPY15.PIC
  • COPY16.PIC
  • COPY17.PIC
  • COPY18.PIC
  • COPY19.PIC
  • readme.txt
  • README.TXT file contents (by Quadko):


      These are the alchemy "copy protection" pictures from
      Darklands, altered to contain the lable as well as the image.
      This means you do not have to refer to the reference card,
      you can read the copy protection image lables right in the game.
      Needless to say, you shouldn't use them unless you own
      the game.

      This also provides proof that the PicConverter application
      can create .pic images readable by Darklands.

      To use these images, copy them into the darklands\pic directory
      (backing up old images if you choose.)

      StartScr.pic - Darklands Startup menu - added "www.darklands.net". :)    
      Copy*.pic - Copy protection "alchemy" images


    ! NOTE: On several of the altered images there was insufficient space
    to fit the entire copy-code, resulting in the word being truncated on that
    tile. Please keep this in mind. Do not use the shorter literal as displayed
    in response to the copy-protection challenge. Instead use the full, proper
    spelling of that word (ENU) as indicated here:

  • copy0.pic
  •     " Calcinati "      Calcination    
  • copy3.pic
  •     " Fermentatio "      Fermentation    
  • copy4.pic
  •     " Congelatio "      Congelation    
  • copy7.pic
  •     " Multiplicati "      Multiplication    

      TIP: Verify your copy-code tile set using PICSHOW.
      Because the altered copy-code files use the same
      names as their originals, you may wish to verify
      the new files are in place as expected. This can
      be done from a 16-bit DOS command prompt (e.g.
      DOSBox) using a utility that comes with Darklands
      in the DARKLAND\PICS\ directory, PICSHOW.EXE!
      Here is an example of its usage:
      C:\DARKLAND\PICS> picshow copy*.pic [-p charpalt.pic]
      - where "*" is a numeral 0 - 19.
      - contents in brackets [ ] are optional // do not include the brackets!
      Run command "picshow /help" for more information.

      The Darklands "code-sheet", from  
      the Darklands FAQ v1.2.1 (Oct.'96)

    Darklands code-sheet symbols.gif

     COPY0.PIC  original copy0.pic (Calcination)altered copy0.pic (Calcination) Calcination !
     COPY1.PIC  original copy1.pic (Solution)altered copy1.pic (Solution) Solution
     COPY2.PIC  original copy2.pic (Sublimation)altered copy2.pic (Sublimation) Sublimation
     COPY3.PIC  original copy3.pic (Fermentation)altered copy3.pic (Fermentation) Fermentation !
     COPY4.PIC  original copy4.pic (Congelation)altered copy4.pic (Congelation) Congelation !
     COPY5.PIC  original copy5.pic (Digestion)altered copy5.pic (Digestion) Digestion
     COPY6.PIC  original copy6.pic (Separation)altered copy6.pic (Separation) Separation
     COPY7.PIC  original copy7.pic (Multiplication)altered copy7.pic (Multiplication) Multiplication ! 
     COPY8.PIC  original copy8.pic (Fixation)altered copy8.pic (Fixation) Fixation
     COPY9.PIC  original copy9.pic (Distillation)altered copy9.pic (Distillation) Distillation
     COPY10.PIC original copy10.pic (Ceration)altered copy10.pic (Ceration) Ceration
     COPY11.PIC original copy11.pic (Projection)altered copy11.pic (Projection) Projection
     COPY12.PIC original copy12.pic (Water)altered copy12.pic (Water) Water
     COPY13.PIC original copy13.pic (Silver)altered copy13.pic (Silver) Silver
     COPY14.PIC original copy14.pic (Sulpher)altered copy14.pic (Sulpher) Sulpher
     COPY15.PIC original copy15.pic (Mercury)altered copy15.pic (Mercury) Mercury
     COPY16.PIC original copy16.pic (Gold)altered copy16.pic (Gold) Gold
     COPY17.PIC original copy17.pic (Iron)altered copy17.pic (Iron) Iron
     COPY18.PIC original copy18.pic (Lead)altered copy18.pic (Lead) Lead
     COPY19.PIC original copy19.pic (Arsenic)altered copy19.pic (Arsenic) Arsenic


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