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Darklands Domain


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ell-met weary traveler, and welcome. This is a freehouse; we owe allegiance to no kingdom nor do we hold league with any guild. All are invited and encouraged to stay as long as they desire and so long as they respect their fellow adventurers. So please, be at ease and enjoy our hospitality.

The purpose of establishing this freehouse, which we've taken to calling the "Darklands Domain", is to provide a central meeting grounds where players of the game Darklands by Microprose may gather to find useful information collected from a variety of sources throughout the empire.

We've several areas in our freehouse, each devoted to different aspects of the game.

The Darklands FAQ v3.0 is the central feature. It is no doubt the most extensive collection of this sort of information available among the realms.

Elder adventurers may want to make use of the house's files repository where we stock demo files, patches, and the like.

We bid travelers eager to be on their way to peruse the outfitter's quarters as they may happen upon tools to aid them in their quest or simply restock their dwindling supplies.

On the other hand, those looking for a respite from endless days in the bitter elements are more than welcome to enjoy the modest (but functional) auditorium or to browse through our library.

Those curious as to our own history and legacy of this house may inspect the coats of arms and various other tokens from friendly houses kept on display.

If it is news of the region or wisdom of the ages you seek, look no further than our meeting house where you may find and meet other hardy, like-minded souls as yourself. Come, see, and discover what adventure awaits there for thee...

We pray that your restless soul will find comfort with our meager means and that your stay will not be short-lived, nor unique. Surely the adventurer will find much to aid him in fully experiencing the wonder of exploring the Holy Roman Empire!

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